Garcinia Cambogia HCA UK – (extraction)


Garcinia Cambogia, or mangosteen, grows in plenty in moist soil, and is typically found in the deep rainforests of Asia, preferably Southeast Asia. The majority of the production is done in India, Sri Lanka, and also in some parts of Africa. The fruit is also called with the names assam fruit, brindleberry and gambooge. Garcinia Cambogia extract is now available from suppliers in the UK.

The fruit looks like a miniature pumpkin and comes in the colors yellow, green and rarely, red. It has deep pulps with a thin skin holding them together, and the skin, or rind, is the part of the fruit that is used to make the food supplement.

Garcinia Cambogia HCA extraction is performed like this; After harvesting and collecting the fruits, the skin is peeled and chopped into small pieces, and dried for extraction. Once dried, they look brown in color. And sometimes they may also appear to have a blackish tinge to them. The rinds are then sent to food supplement manufacturers so that they can be turned to either powdered supplements or liquid food extracts.

The use of this food is not completely new, and can be relied upon easily. Previously, it was used to cook some of the dishes that are well known in India. Also, it was in use of making Ayurvedic medicines, especially a few ointments that aids the process of healing, because this fruit has plenty of antioxidant in it.


The packaging of Garcinia Cambogia HCA extraction is done in such a manner that holds its contents and prevents it from all sorts of dirt and bacteria. The supplement comes in both powder and liquid form, and you can pick whichever seems more convenient and easy-to-use to you.